Penis Enlargement: A Marathon Not a Quick Sprint

Because we live in a world of instant gratification, people want things to happen right now! When we don’t see immediate results, we become frustrated at having to wait. This is especially true when it comes to healthcare and body image. How many miracle diets are available, claiming you can drop fifty pounds in a week? These diets don’t work, because for your body to change, it needs your dedication, hard work and above all, time.

Though the saying is trite, “Good things come to those who wait…” This is true of penis enlargement, as well as losing weight, or training for a marathon, or learning to play the piano. You must be patient and dedicated to the task at hand, in order to see results.

No Quick Fixes

No matter what technique or approach you take to penis enlargement, there is no miracle cure or quick fix. To suggest otherwise is ludicrous. Consider: science has not found a cure for the common cold, let alone a way to make tissue regenerate at a rapid speed. Although with the huge scientific strides made in recent decades, it is possible to think about a time in the near future when we will know everything about the human body and its internal workings, and doctors will find a way to make internal organs regenerate in minutes and find cures for diseases such as cancer and AIDS. However, since we have not yet reached that point, patience is still needed for many processes, such has losing weight, or penis enlargement

Penis Enlargement Takes Time

Penis enlargement will take weeks, sometimes months, to show results. It is not a quick process. Just as lifting weights one day, or even on week, or even one month, does produce bulging biceps, penis enlargement will not produce a bigger shaft overnight.

The most important thing to remember when starting a penis enlargement program is patience. This isn’t a race, not with yourself or anyone else. This is about giving you the life you deserve, in and out of the bedroom. And that will take time and perseverance.

You Must Walk Before You Can Run

The biggest reason men fail at penis enlargement is because they lack the patience needed to see real results. They are so excited by the prospect of an enhanced sex life, they rush through the process. There is no point to try to run before you can walk. Skipping to the advanced exercises before you have mastered the basic moves of penis enlargement will not only set you further back, it could cause serious injury.

Take time to read all the information on penis enlargement, and make sure you thoroughly understand the process before you begin. Nothing can hamper the penis enlargement process than lack of understanding, which can lead to bad decisions and possible injury.

Injuries during penis enlargement programs can be quite painful, and will further delay your progress. You will also have to stop having sex for days, or weeks at a time, leading to possible difficulties with your partner.

Rest is Vital to Penis Enlargement

Just as with regular exercise programs, rest is vital for your body to recover and adjust. During penis enlargement, rest days give your body the time it needs to expand the tissues of the penis, which will increase its size. Rest days also allow the tissues to heal and get back in shape for the next session.

Every man wants to see results as soon as possible, but overworking your penis is not going to speed up the process. Even bodybuilders know that their muscles need time to heal and grow in size. The same is true of your penis, despite the fact it is tissue rather than muscle. Rest days are vital to any successful penis enlargement program.

Recommended Routine

The recommended routine consists of three days of exercises followed by one rest day, followed by two more days of exercises and one day of rest. This schedule is not set in stone, and you can certainly modify it to fit your own daily schedule.

Remember, penis enlargement is not a sprint, but a long distance marathon- the man who has the stamina, willpower and patience to see the whole thing through, is the man who will finish first. Forget those feelings of haste and urgency, and prepare yourself for the life changing journey ahead.

*We hope you will find the information provided by us here very useful and we wish you GOOD LUCK in finding the penis enhancement method that works for you!

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