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In years past, personal hygiene was a luxury for most people. In fact, during the Middle Ages, people were discouraged from regular bathing, because it was thought to encourage sin. Luckily, times have changed and most people practice some degree of personal hygiene. One area of hygiene that is sometimes overlooked is a person’s intimate hygiene.

The very nature and purpose of the sexual organs is cause for frequent cleaning. After all, sex, while pleasant, is not the most hygienic activity to engage in. If you have ever had a sexual partner who has been less than fastidious about her intimate hygiene, then you understand what a turnoff that can be. The same is true of women. They like a man with a clean penis!

How to Clean Your Penis
Begin at the tip of the penis. Gently pull the foreskin back as far as it comfortably goes, in order to expose the entire glans. Next, gently wash both the glans and the inside of the foreskin thoroughly. If you feel any pain, you need to go a little gentler.

Within the space between the glans and the foreskin is a breeding ground for bacteria. You may notice a white substance when you clean. This is called Smegma. Smegma is caused by dead epithelial cells shed by tissues, combined with the skin’s natural oils, moisture from body heat, and any other bacteria that are trapped. This warm, moist environment allows bacteria to thrive. If these bacteria are left untreated, it can cause a particularly foul odor, sure to drive away any potential lovers.

Intimate Hygiene and Penis Enlargement
Intimate hygiene is also important for penis enlargement. Using an enlargement device such as a traction device or a pump on an unclean penis will simply spread bacteria all over the penis.

Men who fail to keep their penis clean, especially during penis enlargement are even more susceptible to infection. For that reason, it is recommended that hot water from a shower be used while warming up and down. The water will help keep any bacteria at bay.

Circumcised Penises and Hygiene
Men who have a circumcised penises lack the foreskin that protects the sensitive glans. Because of this, they need to be extra careful of bacteria build-up and infection. Some men elect to have a circumcision because they believe it is more hygienic than having a foreskin. In fact, until just recently, it has been common for American baby boys to be routinely circumcised, shortly after birth.

However, currently there is an ongoing debate among medical experts about the benefits of circumcision. Where once it was believed by doctors to be a necessity, it now thought to be more of a question of vanity. Many doctors also believe that by removing the protective foreskin, a man is more susceptible to infection of glans as well as the urinary tract. Keep in mind that there are still a vast number of doctors who maintain that the foreskin traps smegma and dirt and therefore, an uncircumcised penis is no safer from infection than one that is circumcised.

The most important aspect of penis hygiene to remember is that it is key to a healthy penis. Whether you are circumcised or not, if you are not routinely cleaning your penis, especially during penis enlargement, then you run the risk of infections and general bad first impressions with the ladies!

*We hope you will find the information provided by us here very useful and we wish you GOOD LUCK in finding the penis enhancement method that works for you!

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