Injuries to the Penile - Penis Injuries®

Most men find that penis enlargement is a positive experience. However, enlarging your penis from small to average, or above average, is a huge change, not only physically, but emotionally as well. In addition, penis enlargement is not without some risks.

The hazards of incorrect penis enlargement

It seems as though every man who has gone through a male enhancement method has a not-so-nice-tale to tell. The most important factor in keeping penis enlargement a safe experience is to follow direction! This is not the time for improvisation!

Any Man who is thinking of penis enlargement should follow the rules below, to make sure his sessions don’t end in disaster!

  • Take the correct number of pills. If the pills have to be taken once a day, then take one…not two or three. Taking more pills will not speed up your penis enlargement.

  • Follow the direction for traction devices. If you put it on wrong, you risk injury.

  • Just as regular exercises should be followed with care, so should your penis enlargement exercises. For example, the enlargement exercises featured on PenisHealth™ need to be followed exactly according to the instruction, and for the correct amount of time, in order to be effective.

There are several risks from incorrectly performing your penis enlargement exercises:

Little Red Spots
Nearly every man who has used the PenisHealth penis enlargement exercises has been plagued with little red spots. They usually appear on the head and shaft of the penis, and are nothing to worry about so long as the red spots aren’t bigger than a pinpoint. To help get rid of them, you can try a hot soak in the tub, a massage, or a hot wrap. If all else fails they will fade with time.

Bruising is a more intense version of the little red spots, and can sometimes result in a visit to the doctor’s office.

Bruising on the penis is a result of heavy hanging, without enough padding on the hanger, or from hanging too long and tight without taking a break. Some bruises are so sever that they can form a bolus of blood underneath the skin of the penis. Treatment for bruising ranges from rest and hot wraps or soaks, to the application of "Arnica" to the penis itself, as well as taking the supplement "Butcher's Broom". Both Arnica and Butcher's Broom can usually be purchased at any nutritional outlet, such as GNC.

A rash on the penis is the result of too little lubricant while milking. Rashes may only be a small red area, or in more extreme cases, may resemble a skin burn. Severe rashes may also contain small cuts or scrapes.

The best treatment for rashes is to apply a lotion or ointment such as cocoa butter cream or "Bag Balm" to the affected area until it feels better.

Thrombosed Veins
A thromboses vein is not a common problem of penis enlargement, but it is something you should be aware of. Thromboses veins are veins that have been distended, so that they protrudes through the skin (like the veins on grandma’s legs-yuck). It is usually caused by too much internal vascular pressure inside the vein itself, from squeeze type exercises and pumpers.

Treatment for thromboses veins includes hot wraps and warm soaks in the tub. Hot wraps should be done several times a day, followed by a light circular massage all along the vein. To improve healing, you may want to reapply the hot wrap again after the massage.

To prevent thromboses veins from happening in the future, be sure to do your penis enlargement exercises in moderation.

Strained Ligaments
Strained ligaments are fairly common during penis enlargement. Ligaments at the base of the base of penis can become strained from too much hanging or stretching, and not enough rest in between sessions.

Lots of rest is required for a strained ligament. If you try to continue your penis enlargement exercises with a strained ligament you will only do more damage and exacerbate the problem further!

Broken Penis
Luckily, the occurrence of broken penises are rare. A broken penis is caused by severe trauma while having an erection. The trauma causes a rupture in the tunica, and causes intense pain and bruising to the penis and surrounding skin.

Broken penises most commonly occur during sexual intercourse. The man misses the vagina and hits the pubic bone instead. A broken penis may also be caused by falls or careless pumping. The only way to fix a broken penis is with surgery.

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