Penis Enlargement Surgery - One Man’s Horror Story

Surgery is the most expensive option for penis enlargement. Despite this, many men opt for surgery because they believe it less of a hassle than penile enlargement exercises, and will bring them instant results.

The truth of the matter is even men who go under the knife must do special exercises designed to help the penis recover from surgery. In addition, sex is off limits after penis enlargement surgery. And as with any surgery, whether for a penis enlargement or getting your tonsils removed, there is always a chance something may go wrong, or even a chance of death.

No one knows better the risks of penis enlargement surgery than Charles Lennon. He hoped by having penis enlargement surgery he could improve his sex life, and enhance his self-confidence with women. What he got instead was a ten-year erection.

A long-term erection may sound fun to some men who haven’t been with a woman in a long time, but the reality is that a long term erection can seriously harm not only a man’s physical well being, but also his emotional well being.

Charles Lennon was in his late 50s and suffering from erectile dysfunction, when he decided to have penis enlargement surgery. He received an implant made of plastic and steel called Dura-II. The Dura II was designed to help men raise their penises for sexual intercourse, and then lower it down afterwards. However, the device implanted into Charles Lennon’s penis was defective and his poor penis remained in an upright position for over a decade.

Due to health complications, Charles Lennon cannot risk any surgery to remove the Dura II, and even if he could, his penis is forever damaged. The Dura II replaced his penis tissue, and he would never be able to have sexual intercourse again.

For Charles Lennon, his life has been forever altered because of his decision to have penis enlargement surgery. He can no longer ride a bike, hug his family, where tight pants, or go for a swim. He is embarrassed to be in public, and chooses to remain in seclusion for the remainder of his life.

Even though Charles Lennon was able to win a lawsuit against the Dura II manufacturer, he will never be a whole man again.

Penis enlargement surgery is a safe procedure for many men, but if something does go wrong, the tiniest slip of the knife, your life could be forever altered the way Charles Lennon life was. The penis is a delicate organ, and tampering with it through surgery has several risks, including nerve damage, scarring, impotence, loss of feeling, and as in Charles Lennon’s case, permanent erection.

There are many options for male enhancement, besides surgery. Unlike surgery, you can control many of these other options, such as supplements and lengthening exercises. Be sure to explore all the possibilities before making your final decision.

*We hope you will find the information provided by us here very useful and we wish you GOOD LUCK in finding the penis enhancement method that works for you!

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