Protection Safety and Healing during Penis Enlargement

While penis enlargement is very safe and comes with a small degree of risk, compared to penis enlargement surgery, there is the possibility of problems and injury. The best way to avoid the any unpleasant outcomes of penis enlargement is to be well informed. Below are several typical problems, as well as solutions, associated with penis enlargement.

Common Problems Associated With Penis Enlargement

Most men who engage in penis enlargement will at some time or another, experience unusual pains, rashes, blisters, thrombosis or other type of problem. These minor injuries are to be expected when dealing with the forceful extension of penis tissues. It is important to know how to identify the various problems associated with penis enlargement, and treat them, without having to visit a doctor’s office.

Red Spots
Tiny red spots, the size of pinpoint, are often the most common sign of a problem related to penis enlargement exercises, traction devices or pumps. The red spots may be accompanied by blood, but this is no cause for alarm. The red spots and blood are simply an indication that the enlargement process is working. The Corpora Cavernosa is responding to the exercises or traction devises, and the excessive compression of the penis is forcing blood to the skin's surface.

If the penis head hurts or if the number of spots increases significantly, the user should take a rest day (or days) from his enlargement exercise regime, and give the penis adequate time to recover.

The second most common problem is the sensation of pain during penis enlargement. This sensation can be caused by the stretching and squeezing of ligaments and tissues. Typically, pain is felt around the base of the penis, especially in the ligaments and the surrounding fat pads. Pain can also be caused by the use of traction devices, which stretch fat pads and ligaments in the pelvic region.

This sensation of pain is perfectly normal and should not worry users unduly. However, if the pain becomes more frequent, the user should take a day or two of rest, and visit their doctor.

Curved Penis
A man can already have curved penis, or they can develop one during penis enlargement. A curved penis can be fixed by frequently stretching the penis in the opposite direction of the curve. By making this part of your daily routine, you can have straightened penis.

Rashes, Blisters and Lesions
Rashes, blisters and lesions are caused by an incorrect grip, incorrect positioning of a traction device, or not using enough lubricant during exercises. All of these skin ailments are signs of incorrect penis enlargement and can be very uncomfortable, or even painful. The best solution for these problems is prevention. However, if you do find yourself with any skin ailments, the best cure is rest, and taking a break from your penis enlargement exercises.

Edema is a swelling of the penis tissues (or any other tissues for that matter) which is filled with excess lymph fluid. Edema looks similar to a water-filled blister. This is a common problem among users who use the Jelq technique. They typically pull on their penis too hard.

Luckily, edema is easy to treat, with warm compresses, which increase the circulation of fluids, reducing tissue swelling. An extended period of rest is also highly recommended. Most importantly, be sure to do the penis enlargement techniques correctly, to avoid future injury.

Large Veins
Extended periods of penis enlargement exercises causes a large surplus of blood filtering into the penis. A result of this increased veins and arteries. These veins can become quite prominent, and easy to see through the delicate skin of the penis. While this is perfectly normal, the appearance of large veins may bother some men. However, if your partner doesn’t mind, neither should you!

Hemosiderin occurs when a higher than normal blood supply is concentrated in the penis. It is marked by frequent small scale bleeding under the skin, which leaves the intracellular space filled with hemoglobin. This causes the skin of the penis to darken considerable. If you are bothered by this condition, you can talk to your physician, or you can try applying a topical ointment or lotion containing the vitamin B-5. This will help your penis return to its original shade.

Broken Veins and Thrombosis
Because veins are central to any penis enlargement process, there is a large risk for broken veins or thrombosis. Broken veins are caused by the high pressure of squeezing or stretching exercises, or from traction devices. All the pressure causes an increase in blood flow, which can break the walls of blood vessels, causing subcutaneous bleeding coupled with intense pain.

This same stress can result in a blood clot within the blood vessel, which is called thrombosis. Like a broken vein, it is extremely painful, and should be avoided at all costs.

To treat both broken veins and thrombosis, try applying a warm compress or towel, as well as complete rest from your penis enlargement routine.

Tight Foreskin
As your penis enlargement progresses, some men find that their foreskin become too tight. This can easily be remedied by performing simple foreskin loosening exercises. The alternative to foreskin exercises is surgery, to either loosen the foreskin, or remove it all together. Each man must make his own choice in this matter.

Temporary Erectile Dysfunction
Because penis enlargement exercises routinely expose penis tissues to stress and possible injury, rest days are crucial. Part of each rest day means no exercises and no sex. This self-imposed abstinence allows the body to circulate excess blood away from the penis, and heal any ruptured cells.

A good rule of thumb is at least two hours of rest before any kind of Intercourse, and avoid any wild, prolonged sex in the same night.

Most of the injuries listed above can be prevented, by performing penis enlargement exercises correctly, and not rushing them. Excess stretching, squeezing or rubbing of the penis can easily lead to a broken vein or damaged ligament. Follow the directions for penis enlargement exercises or traction devices, and listen to your body. If it begins to hurt, it means its time to take a break.

*We hope you will find the information provided by us here very useful and we wish you GOOD LUCK in finding the penis enhancement method that works for you!

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