How to Reduce “Turkey Neck” Caused by PE

A common side effect of a penis enlargement program is the displacement of the scrotum skin. This condition is often referred to as turkey neck. A common complaint of men who suffer from turkey neck is that affects their confidence in the bedroom. They fear that women will find the appearance of their penile peculiar (though there is no evidence to back up that claim) and their sex life will suffer.

A penis enlargement is performed to help men enhance their sexual confidence, so letting a condition like turkey neck interfere with that confidence doesn’t make much sense. Luckily, there are simple exercises that help reduce turkey neck for men who have already had pens enlargement. For men considering the procedure, there is also a technique that can prevent turkey neck all together.

How is Turkey Neck Caused?

To help you understand the effects of turkey neck, it is important to understand how it is caused.

When the penis is enlarged, the shaft will grow longer. To accommodate for the new length, skin is pulled upwards from the testicles. Because the skin covering the testicles is very wrinkled, it can produce a penis that is similair to a turkey’s neck (hence the name).

How to Get Rid of Turkey Neck?

For men who have already gone through a penis enlargement procedure, there is a simple exercise that will help get rid of turkey neck.

Since the wrinkled skin is constantly being pulled upwards due to the penis enlargement, it makes sense that pulling it downwards, at the base, will help smooth out the wrinkles. By stretching the skin in the opposite direction to the classic Jelq direction, you will force the skin to stretch at the same rate as the penis, rather than pulling the wrinkled skin from the scrotum upwards.

Here is a simple exercise to do every day, which will help you reduce the appearance of turkey neck.

* In the shower, or after an exercise session, gently grasp your testicles and pull them downward, for a hundred repetitions. If one hundred reps seems like too many at one time, try breaking them up into smaller segments, such as fifty in the morning and fifty in the evening.

This purpose of this exercise is to encourage the growth of new skin along the penis shaft, by pulling the skin backwards at the penis base. This exercise will also help increase the scrotum size, which will enhance the penis even more.

How to Prevent Turkey Neck?

For men who are thinking about a penis enlargement, or who have just begun their penis enlargement program, the use of testicle rings can prevent the appearance of turkey neck all together.

Testicle rings are make of steel, and are placed on the top of the testicles. The weight of these rings will prevent the skin of the scrotum from being pulled upward. Testicle rings need to be worn during every penis enlargement session. One problem with these rings is slight discomfort. You will need to determine how long you can wear the testicle rings before pain sets in. Always make sure the testicle rings are not too tight, or you will risk cutting off the blood supply to your testicles.

Before you being any exercises related to your penis enlargement, be sure to ask your doctor for the go ahead, and make sure you are performing all the exercises correctly, else you risk doing yourself serious harm!

*We hope you will find the information provided by us here very useful and we wish you GOOD LUCK in finding the penis enhancement method that works for you!

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