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Product info: The vimax patch is advertised as a natural formula that works to increase your penis size, sexual desire, and give you harder erections that last longer. While these claims made by this product seem promising, we'll review the Vimax product further to help determine how well this product actually works.

This male enhancement patch looks like a small band-aid and works for up to 72 hours at a time. Vimax uses a unique transdermal delivery system that releases sexual nutrients through your skin. By using a transdermal delivery system, it increases the absorption rate since the nutrients by-pass your digestive system. Many of the ingredients inside of the Vimax patch are also found inside of Vimax pills. The main difference is how the ingredients are administered to the body.

You can place this patch anywhere on your body, and it looks discreet to ensure privacy. You can wear these patches in the shower and during your day-to-day activities. According to the company's web site, the vimax patch was developed by a team of British scientists after years of research and development. They claim that the vimax patch has the ability to give men a longer and thicker penis, harder erections, and more intense orgasms.

How Does Vimax Patch Work?

Your penis consists of 3 erectile chambers that fill up with blood when an erection occurs. Thus, your penis size is limited by the size of these 3 erectile chambers.

The vimax patch works to increase the blood flow to your penis which allows the cells in your erectile chamber to multiply into thousands of new tissue cells to accomdate for the increased blood flow. This process results in a longer and thicker penis, with stronger and harder erections.

Advantages of Vimax Patch

  • The transdermal delivery system in this product allows it to work faster and more efficiently than penis pills. Since the absorption of ingredients are greatly increased, it allows you to experience benefits much faster than other male enhancement products.

  • Vimax is manufactured by a reputable company called MD Research. This company has been around for many years with excellent customer service and support. They've also manufactured other successful products such as vimax pills and the vimax extender.

  • This product is one of the cheaper male enhancement patches available. They also provide discreet packaging and several bonuses including a free bottle of LiquidRx which helps to increase sexual pleasure, stamina, and desire.

  • All of the ingredients found inside of the Vimax patch are 100% natural with no artificial or synthetic ingredients. Safety is very important with penis enhancement, and this formula has been tested to ensure quality and safety.

Disadvantages of Vimax

  • We rated Vimax patches behind ProEnhance because it doesn't include a penis exercise program like Proenhance does. Using penile exercises and a patch together is suppose to give you better results faster than just taking patch by itself.

  • This company doesn't provide free shipping like ProEnhance does either. However, they do provide free discreet packaging on all orders to ensure privacy.

Product Guarantee

No-Questions asked 60-day guarantee. If you aren't impressed, then simply return it for a full refund.

Vimax Patch Review Conclusion

Overall, this product has very positive reviews from various consumer review sites and the feedback from our visitors have been very positive as well. Since the patch uses a transdermal delivery system, you should expect to experience sexual benefits within the first week of usage. The satisfaction rate is very high and the refund rate is extemely low which indicates that the vimax patch definitely lives up to expectations and is one of the higher quality penis enhancement products available.

Vimax Patch review